Sunil The Stripy Tiger

Sunil The Stripy Tiger

One morning Sunil the Stripy Tiger woke up. He'd been asleep all night under the pink Dewlip Tree. Sunil stretched and yawned. "I think I'll go and find my

friends," he thought.

He found the twins, Jip and Jamila rolling around, playing.

"Hello," said Sunil. "Can I play too?"

Jip stared at Sunil. "What happened to you?" he asked.

"Sunil," said Jamila. "You've got spots!"

Sunil looked down at himself. It was true.

There were pink spots on his legs. He turned round and

round, trying to look at himself.

"They're all over your fur," said Jip.

"All over," repeated Jamila. "Go and look in the river."

Sunil went down to the river and stared at his reflection in the water. It really was true.