A Sunday with Grandpa

A Sunday with Grandpa

Today is Sunday and we are on our way to visit my Grandpa.

My Grandpa is very old. He lives by himself on a farm in the countryside. He’s coming to meet us at the station in his funny car.

“Hello, Grandpa… Isn’t it a lovely day for our picnic?”

We all pile into the car.

“Off we go!” says Grandpa.

In the corner of the farmyard stands the old broken-down tractor. My brother and I love playing on it. My turn to be the driver!

Grandpa is very proud of his vegetable garden. He shows us his rows of runner beans… and gives us carrots to feed the rabbits.

But I like feeding the birds best. Grandpa gives us bread for them.

My Grandpa is a real handyman. He keeps all his tolls in the big shed. What a clutter! We like making things, too.

“Come on,” calls Mum. “It’s time for our picnic.”

On the edge of the wood we find a good spot for our picnic. Mum has packed cold chicken for Grandpa. It’s his favourite. But I like the crisps best.